The Best of Kamloops Communities

The modern city has over 100,000 residents who love the city for its spectacular natural surroundings as well as fantastic family-friendly communities that are safe for all. Just a short few hour drive—or a 45 minute flight—from the booming British Columbian city of Vancouver, the smaller city of Kamloops offers all the amazing amenities of world-class cities—such as yoga studios, breweries, and food trucks—in a less hectic, more family-oriented package.


Why Live in Kamloops?

To the east of the community, kids will be thrilled with the slew of things to do like visits to the BC Wildlife Park. The park is home to over 40 different species of wildlife and focuses on teaching visitors about modern day conservation and the ever-changing environments that these wonderful creatures live in in the wild.

To the northeast of the community lies the fun summer and winter activities at Sun Peaks Resort. From the central village to the slopes, Sun Peaks is a fun four season on-mountain experience like no other in British Columbia. One of the many fun events that kids can partake in during the summer is the mountain’s introduction to the bike park. Kids get a two-hour lesson with the local coach with the ticket cost as well as their lift ticket, full suspension mountain bike rental, and a full-suite of protective gear including full-face helmet, gloves, and elbow pads.

A wide variety of other activities including exciting water-slides, fascinating art galleries, beautiful natural gardens, and fantastic top-rated schools are just some of the other reasons that Kamloops real estate is the number one choice for families in British Columbia.

On top of this, Kamloops has increasingly become one of the top places to retire. It’s not difficult to see why when you look at the fantastic golf courses, great access to top healthcare facilities, and a variety of fun leisurely activities.

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